At present, gut miCRObiome is a hot topic, which draws much attention. Due to its curative effects on multiple diseases, gut miCRObiome is closely related to human health. Under the development of miCRObe imaging, metabolomics and single-cell sequencing technologies, new progress has been made in this field.


With the approval of many PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors and the success of lots of clinical trials on cancer immunotherapy, people become more confident with overwhelming the incurable disease. However, there still remain unsolved problems in tumor miCRO韦德亚洲备用网官网environment & tumor immunity.


Well-known experts and leaders in this field, senior managers in companies will be invited, to share their valuable experience as well as discuss new ideas and methods from views of academic research and recent application, to promote rapid progress of miCROfluidics in medical field.


Due to metagenomics sequencing and intestinal organoid culture, studies on gut miCRObiota appear one after another in recent years. Researchers hope to provide important theoretical foundation on the association between gut miCRObiota and diseases as well as the regulation of human health by studying the species of these organisms and their relationship with humans.


To promote the development of miCRO-transplantation technique internationally and promote the collaborative studies by multi centers internationally, share clinical experience in the treatment of leukemia, and communicate for research progression on transplantation technology and transplantation immunity, miCRO-transplantation and transplantation immunity therapy will be focused for deep discussion and cooperation, and seminars will be set up for researches, miCRO-transplantation technique training, and domestic and international experts. Register for the conference

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